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Vodice is a place located 10 km north of Šibenik in Northern Dalmatia. Vodice (about 10,000 inhabitants) affects most of Dalmatia travelers.The place is totally tailored on tourism due to narrow space. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Vodice offers plenty of tourist facilities and entertainment.

Vodice was first mentioned in 1402 although it was founded already in the Roman times as Arausa. Its name derives from the word meaning water sources which supplied the whole area. The defense walls from the times of the Turks with the Coric tower testify the past times. Other similar monuments are St. Cross' church on the former graveyard, built in 1421 and the parish church in the town centre built in 1746.

Vodice has an abundant tourist offer in the old town center, as well as in new parts of the town where one can find restaurants, discotheques, bars, shops and supermarkets.Vodice has also a rich offer of culture and entertainment in nightclubs. Dalmatian harmony-singing groups, folk ensembles, famous singers and groups, as well as various artistic theatre groups perform on squares and summer stages. Life in Vodice never comes to a halt.

Enrich your stay in Vodice by going on some of the numerous excursions organized for you by the tourist agencies, or by setting out to see the beautiful places that we recommend in private arrangement.Visit the Kornati and Krka National Parks that are located close to Vodice. See the rich cultural heritage of Sibenik, visit Skradin, Tribunj or take a boat ride to the Prvic Island. Fill up you rucksacks, mount your bike or get in your car and start towards the fields of Vodice, and visit some of the archaeological sites...

Ecologicaly cultivated vegetables from plantages, ecologicaly home made vine and spirit, as well as fish and crustaceas, fished by fishermen are something that you will surely sense while tasting local specialities.You will notice that the food is mostly boiled thus very light, often seasoned only with some home made olive oil and seasonal herbs (manly marjoram and chopped parsley). Local restaurants are held by people that know and appreciate good food - restaurant offer range from the typical tourist menus to a variety of local specialities thus offering a great array of dishes.Some of the local specialities we mentioned are sea food, different sorts of cheese (goat's cheese in olive oil), home made deserts...

The beaches north of the city near the Hotel Punta are basically made of solid rock and bathing plateau. South of the city near the Olympics and Imperial hotels, are gravel beaches.The water in Vodice is very clean, as confirmed by the high number of sea shows (do not forget bathing shoes). The beach along the promenade in front of hotels and Imperial Olympic consists of pebbly beach.

In Vodice is easy come with car by freeway Zagreb-Split, but you also may come with:

  • plain - airport Zadar-Zemunik or Split
  • train - above Šibenik
  • ferry - international ferry lines:Zadar - Ancona, Split - Ancona
  • bus - bus stations in Zagreb, Šibenik, Zadar i Split, are conect with all big european towns.